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                     CSIR-Indian Institute of Toxicology Research (CSIR-IITR), Lucknow is a premier institute in India contributing towards cutting-edge research and innovation in toxicology. CSIR-IITR has expertise in different facets of toxicology and is committed to assure safety, security and sustainability of environment and health. CSIR-IITR has significantly contributed towards safety, toxicology and technological developments, that has helped regulatory agencies to formulate standards and policy documents.

To align with the One Week One Lab initiative of CSIR India, CSIR-IITR proposes to initiate the celebrations by acknowledging the contribution of Women to the scientific & technological developments and in driving research and academics. Towards this, a two-day conference on Women in Academia, Research and Management of Food Safety and Toxicology (WARM-FoST), is being organised by CSIR-IITR in association with CSIR-CFTRI and AFSTI-Lucknow Chapter at CSIR-IITR, Lucknow between 24th and 25th February 2023. The event will highlight the achievements of women scientists, entrepreneurs and academicians in varying and multidisciplinary aspects of food safety, toxicology, public health chemical & drug toxicology, technology and entrepreneurship. The conference will provide a platform for woman scientists, technologists & entrepreneurs to showcase their achievements.


  • The logo of WARM-FoST celebrates the multi-facetedness, a woman carries in everyday life and depicts her journey to emerge as a winner.
  • The tricolours (saffron, white and green along with blue of the wheel of Saranath) symbolize the Indian flag and in addition pays a tribute to Indian women, in particular.
  • The accessories on the ear, represented by double helix of DNA, indicate that women are cradles of life.
  • The eight arms represent ASHTALAKSHMI, the Goddess of Power & Wealth. The various objects held in the hands indicate the multiple roles a woman plays in daily life including, science, engineering, management and home making.
  • Green leaves at the bottom of the logo represent growth and sustainability.