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CSIR-Indian Institute of Toxicology Research (CSIR-IITR), Lucknow

                     CSIR-IITR, Lucknow (a constituent laboratory of the Council of Scientific and Industrial Research (CSIR), New Delhi), was established on November 4, 1965. It is the only institute of toxicology in the country contributing towards cutting-edge research and innovation in toxicology with the motto : Safety to Environment and Health and Service to Industry. CSIR-IITR has made an impact in addressing problems critical to human health and the environment as well as safety of chemicals/products. CSIR-IITR has taken initiatives on predictive toxicology and risk assessment using the vast knowledgebase in the areas of biomarker development, alternate to animal models, mathematical modelling, detection and development of methods for toxins/adulterants/environmental chemicals in different matrices to name a few. The institute has contributed significantly in understanding the mode of action of new chemical entities, engineered nanomaterials and genetically modified products on living systems for safe and sustainable development of new technologies. CSIR-IITR has world class infrastructure and human resource in toxicology and providing one stop solution to address environment and health issues. The institute has contributed to the knowledge base in the domain of toxicology by publishing >3800 research article and in technology development (25 national and international patents). More than five decades of contributions in the field of toxicology have globally positioned CSIR among top five in Food, Industrial and Nanomaterial toxicology.

CSIR-Central Food Technological Research Institute (CSIR-CFTRI), Mysuru

                     CSIR−CFTRI, Mysuru (A constituent laboratory of CSIR) came into existence during 1950 with focus research and development in the areas of food science and technology. Research focus of CSIR-CFTRI has been revolved around broadly into the following areas viz., Engineering Sciences, Technology Development, Translational Research, Food Protection and Safety. Food Technology being inter-disciplinary in nature, the mandate or vision of the Institute i.e., Giving Food a Future is fulfilled through various R&D Departments and Support Departments along with its Resource Centres at Hyderabad, Lucknow and Mumbai


                    The Association of Food Scientists and Technologists (India)(AFSTI), established in 1957, is one of the largest professional organizations, with around 4000 members - food scientists and technologists, across the globe. The major objective of AFST(I) is to stimulate and advance knowledgebase on various aspects of Food Science and Technology by organizing National and International Conferences and bringing out technical publications including prestigious journals-Journal of Food Science and Technology (JFST) and Indian Food Industry Mag (IFI Mag). The association also promotes & recognizes talent and excellence in the profession of Food Science and Technology by conferring various Awards and Fellowship. A local chapter with Lucknow regional members opened on 20 December 2022, to support and strengthen the goals of the association with respect to food safety & security through various activities. AFST(I)Lucknow Chapter, situated at CSIR-IITR has more than 35 members and is aligned with the mandate of AFSTI to serve & strengthen the food safety thorough science and technological developments.